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Look — we don’t want to give the wrong impression here. Michael Brown could have burned down that store and still wouldn’t deserve to be shot if he wasn’t threatening the life of the cop. BUT…

4 Facts About Ferguson the Media Keeps Screwing Up

#4. There Is Zero Doubt That Michael Brown Stole Cigars (Not That It Matters)

As the story later clarifies, the officer (who was aware of the previous robbery) saw Brown walking with the same cigars that had been stolen and suspected that he was the shoplifter. And why is this so important? It isn’t, which is why it’s so important. Focusing on whether or not Michael Brown stole cigars as a big factor in the story implies that the police response was somehow way more forgivable if the kid who was shot six fucking times in the street lifted $50 in smokables.

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So if Flashdance is a movie about a dancer, why isn’t the cornerstone of the soundtrack called something like, ya know, “Dancer”?

5 Classic Songs That Were Originally Creepy as Hell

#3. “Maniac” Was About a Serial Killer

Songwriters Dennis Matkosky and Michael Sembello originally wrote the song about an actual maniac — as in, a person who murders other people for terrifyingly little reason. You see, Matkosky and Sembello had been hired to pen songs for Flashdance, but sat down to watch television instead, because it’s hard to write dance music when you just aren’t in the mood. Matkosky happened to catch a news report about a guy who had killed a bunch of people and buried them in his yard, and was suddenly struck with a lightning bolt of divine inspiration.

Flashdance Version:

She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor

And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before

Original Version:

He’s a maniac, maniac, he just moved next door

He’ll kill your cat and nail it to the floor

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The Craziest International Bootleg Superheroes

While superheroes as we know them are largely American creations, characters like Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are highly recognizable not only this country, but all over the world. So can we really blame other countries for wanting to take them and make them their own? Well, in strictly terms of copyright, yes, but in spirit, ComicsAlliance celebrates the bizarre, ridiculous bootleg mashups of our most memorable heroes with the low production values of moviemakers in diverse cultures around the globe. That’s why we’ve asked Chris Sims to take a world tour and bring back the best (and worst) international superhero exports as souvenirs.


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